If you’re looking for destruction of past bank statements, real estate documents, tax forms or anything else, come to Postal Connections 253 for shredding. Once the papers are dropped in the box, they are securely stored until the document destruction truck comes and shreds them on site.

Why Shred

Shredding documents is done for two reasons:

  • To prevent identity theft
  • To safely dispose of confidential information

Identity theft, in particular, is multibillion dollar hanging fruit for thieves. That’s because it takes just a few bits of personal information to steal an identity. In addition to personal documents with vital information on them, if you have confidential client records, shred them. Managing the disposal of this type of information is the responsibility of the business holding the records.

Bring your valuable papers to Postal Connections 253. For an affordable price, we will take care of this vital activity for your household or business.

Client Information

Client Information

If you’re in business, you know you have to protect your client information. A slip in that vital area and you could lose more than a client, you could lose your business or worse. In addition to client documents, documents relating to your business need to be retained the proper amount of time and then destroyed. Thieves can also wreak havoc with your business documents. Shred business documents at Postal Connections 253.

Personal Information

As mentioned above, almost every household contains tax documents, old checkbooks, credit card statements, you name it. When you move, these documents are usually uncovered. It is tempting to just throw them in the trash but don’t. To be 100% secure take them to your Glendale for shredding.

Our shredding service is reliable, quick and affordable. It guarantees your documents are destroyed now and forever!